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 I love the Golden Retriever breed. Our dogs are a part of our family and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share such a wonderful blessing in our lives with others. 
-Nikki Herbst, Amazing Goldens Breeder


JrCh. Srb "THORNTON" of Sunflower Valley


JrCh Srb "BLUE" Chateau With A Kiss



Youth Class Ch. Midnight "MELODY"

Ch. Srb Loreley of Sunflower Valley "SKY"

"ROSIE" Amazing Goldens Mazie

JrCh Srb, Bul, Cg 

Moonshine Fowerland "MAY"

Amazing Sidekick "MAPLE"

Ch. Srb "KAYA" Irispride Open Edition


At 10 weeks, Lily, from the litter of Mazie and Charlie, is one easy puppy, smart, cuddly, eager to please. House/crate training has been from the outset uneventful. She is just great fun to have around. Regulars at the neighborhood outdoor cafe expect to see Lily come by every day, wagging her tail, looking for attention from everyone. I can't overstate how the Herbsts did everything to give her a good start on life, and to ease the transition from farm to her new home, and to point me towards a puppy who would be a good fit for me.

Maureen O’Hara Ure

We absolutely love our English Creme Retriever! He has a very loving personality, quickly attached to our entire family, loves to play with everyone, and has been easy to train. We potty trained him in just a week by praising him like crazy every time he went outside, and he understood so quickly. He learned all the basic commands very easily as well. He loves people and lets strangers come up to pet him.

Katie Lewis

"Daisy May" is doing great. Super smart and perfect for our family. She loves to play and is super obedient. By far, the smartest dog I ever owned. Being so obedient, I was considering doing trials or shows with her.

Greg Fitzgerald

Since Rex joined our family, my wife and I have both commented on how much laughter and joy he has brought to our day. He is such a sweet dog, a quick learner and absolutely wants to please!

Ron Harrison

He is a great family dog. He has been house trained. We are happy to report that he has not had one accident inside the house. He is well mannered.

Shaunie Critchfield

Timmy learns fast and shows good potential for competitive obedience events at some time in the future. Everywhere I take Timmy, people come up to us and say “What a beautiful dog!”

Bill Prater

Sandy has been a companion to our son David (a child with autism) and also a mascot for our Special Olympics team. She is able to immediately light up a room with her happy demeanor.

Lisa Akers

"Maese (MACE) joined our family in the fall of October 2012 during a very difficult time in our life. We had just lost our youngest son at 2 1/2 after a two year battle with leukemia. Our three older children, ranging in age from 4  to 7, needed a friend after losing their brother. Maese has been the perfect addition to our family, and a wonderful therapy dog for us all! He has an amazing temperament and is very empathetic. He seems to know when the kids or my husband or I need some comfort. Maese does everything with our family, from hiking and vacations to working the yard or watching a movie. He was the easiest puppy to train, and has continued to be very well-behaved. He's only a class or two away from being certified as a therapy dog, and we look forward to taking him to the local Children's Hospital cancer floor for pet therapy days...a time our son always loved. We love our Maese!"

Katie Call

She has a great personality, athletic ability, intelligence, and is the sweetest dog ever. She is gentle with my grandchildren and friendly to everyone she meets. Her pedigree/bloodlines are top of the line. Her disposition is everything the breeder promised and more.

Julie Bench

When I came to the nursing home, I had to give my dog away to my family. Seeing Buck every day made me feel right at home.

Vetrans Home

Finny is a physically beautiful golden and we are constantly asked if we will consider him as a show dog. Our vet has also told us repeatedly that Finny is a perfect example of flawless breed standard. We could not be happier with Finny and do hope to get another dog from Amazing Goldens in the future.

Mo Smith

I just want to update you on our beautiful dog, Sage. She will be one year old on Sunday. We absolutely adore her. She is smart, she is sweet, she is loyal. We couldn't ask for a better canine family member. I've attached a couple of photos of her. She is about 5 months in the fall picture. She just earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate this week, just in time for her first birthday. I plan on continuing training her and eventually will have her serving as a therapy dog. She loves people so much, I know she will be excellent in the role of a therapy dog. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Lisa Bakhsheshy

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Nicole takes great care in her breeding so that the integrity of the breed is maintained and consistent with the breed standards. It has been a pleasure and a joy getting to know and love Nicole and her family.
-Cheryl Hlavaty
-Cheryl Hlavaty


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