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Amazing Goldens began back in 2008 as a result of the Herbst family's passion for the Golden Retriever breed. As a family they have a great love for the breed and a drive to always improve and make the breed better. WIth one ultimate goal: Provide the best quality golden retriever possible: confirmation, health, intellect and socialization.  


Brett having a degree in Animal Science, and Nicole having spent countless years researching Golden Retriever pedigrees and creating contacts with many show judges throughout the world, makes a great combination for an incredible breeding program.  


As a family they feel very blessed to be able to live on a farm, and have their seven children be a part of the daily care of the animals. Countless hours are spent snuggling, playing and enjoying their dogs and puppies. With the combination of amazing champion lines, knowledge behind the science of the breeding program and the unconditional love of their dogs and puppies, Amazing Goldens is unlike any other in the country.   




"What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs"




We feel very blessed to be able to create some of the greatest miracles that are able to change lives forever.  Being able to team up with some great partners allows us many opportunities to be able to be apart of granting wishes to children with terminal illnesses as well as children with long term disabilities.  



"I would like to tell you Thank you so much. Being in charity and finding people like you and your kiddos is amazing. Your passion for these dogs and the giving back to the local community is so appreciated. I have to say that these dogs are top notch. From the breeder to the special training I can’t wait to help some of these kids get their service dogs. Thank you so much.

-Jodi Frkovich, Children And The Earth



"Adding Maese to our family has been such a blessing in every way, and we could never have found a better breeder to work than Amazing Goldens. Their kindnesses have changed our lives, and they remain our friends today. We would never have chosen the path of childhood cancer, and we miss our Mr. Smiles every day. But Maese and the Herbst Family have been a blessings we will always be grateful for!"
-Katie Call, Donation Reciipent 



"I have cerebral palsy, and Champ has been amazing. He is a good companion to me, he’s always excited to see me and loves to cuddle. He always helps me when I go on hikes or when I fall. He wears a harness and helps me keep my balance. Champ is also a very social dog and is friendly to everyone. He always loves and supports me and I am truly grateful to have him in my life."

-Allyssa, Dog Recipient 



"Life is Pawsible is excited to partner with Amazing Goldens to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities through custom trained service dogs. Life is Pawsible will encourage, motivate and empower those in need with these Amazing Goldens as a service dog.
The residence from the Life is Pawsible Drug Rehabilitation division will train and work with Amazing Goldens from the time they are puppies until they are placed in homes giving all in involved a purpose and a Life that is Pawsible. The average cost to train a service dog is $20,000 and would not be possible without the gift of Goldens from Amazing Goldens and the generous donations from the community.
Life is Pawsible is beyond grateful for Amazing Goldens who Provide the best quality golden retriever possible: confirmation, health, intellect and socialization, amazingchampion lines, knowledge behind the science of the breeding program and the uncondition"
-Kim Mikesell, Life is Pawable