Life on the Farm
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole"

Day 1

Female dogs are pregnant for 60-64 days!  When the puppies are born they weigh close to 1lb!  We make sure that all puppies are nursing at least two times a day, by rotating them .  We keep them in a whelping box that has a heated mat under half of it to insure the puppies are always warm.  When they are born their eyes and ears are closed.  So all they have is touch, and smell.  They also don't have teeth, those will come in around 2 weeks.  

Day 3

ENS & weigh as much as when they were born

Day 5


Day 7

They have officially doubled in weight since birth and will weigh about 2lbs

Day 9

At day 9 we are still working on ENS and at this point we may need to start supplementing the puppies with extra!

Day 12

The puppies are just starting to open their eyes!   But won't fully open for a few more days.  

Day 14

Their eye's are officially open, and their ears are just starting to open up but won't be able to see or hear very well until 3 weeks. 

Day 19

The puppies are just getting enough muscle to be able to stand up on their legs!  Although it's more of a waddle then a walk!

Day 21

This is always a big day!  They finally are starting to be more active, and are wanting to do more.  At this point we will transition the puppies over to wood shavings instead of a mat!  In doing this keeps the bacteria away! We also are starting the 12 step puppy program!  So we are introducing them to everything we can!  To the fresh grass, dirt, and even different sounds.  

Day 24

Their personalities are just starting to come up.  And they are starting to get more energy.  Colored Collars

Day 28

The puppies are now starting to run around and weigh around 6 lbs.  Their little personalities are becoming more and more apparent each and every day. 

Day 35

This is usually when we can start to tell who is the alpha.  

Day 42

Day 42 is always a good mile marker.  That is when we know the puppies little personalities!  They have come through and are almost ready to be matched with right family!

Day 43

Day 43 is when we start to wean the puppies

Day 46

Day 46 is when we like to match the perfect puppy with the perfect family.  We will have the families come and meet their puppy in person, or over facetime!  

Day 49

The puppies are now fully weaned from their mom.  This is always a sad day for the puppies and the mom!  We also start crate training them!

Day 52

The puppies get their first set of shots.  

Day 56

Puppy pick up day!

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