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Early Neurological Stimulation

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Here at Amazing Goldens, we love our puppies and want to provide them with the best start from the very beginning. There are many ways we do this but one of the biggest ways is to start right at the beginning. Early Neurological Stimulation Training

ENS training program originated from the U.S. Military Canine Program. They have done many years of research on this training program.

The development of a puppy from day 3 to 16 is a very optimal window of growth for puppies neurological system. During the first weeks of a puppies life, they are unable to open their eyes, they are only able to suck, smell, and crawl.

To optimize our puppies neurological system during this crucial time we follow an amazing program created by the military called “Bio-Sensor”. We believe by doing this it gives our puppies the

Early Neurological Stimulation Training

best advantage possible to live.

Benefits of Early Neurological Stimulation:

  • Stronger heart beats

  • Stronger adrenal glands

  • More tolerance to stress

  • Greater resistance to disease

  • Improved cardiovascular performance

Amazing Difference Over the years of following ENS training, we have had great success with more adaptable, trainable and well-rounded puppies. We have had the great blessing of being able to see are hard work pay off. Many of our puppies have been able to become a great resource in the lives of many people.

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