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Reason For The Season!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

When we reflect on the meaning of the Christmas season, there are many things that come to mind...presents, Christmas trees, parties, and of course Christmas music. When I step back and really focus on what the true spirit of Christmas is though, I realize I have learned it best from my kids!

Reason For The Season!

Amazing Goldens began many years ago when we decided to have a litter of puppies.

My two oldest children had a man approach them about donating a puppy to a child with disabilities. He trained the puppy for two years and then found the most perfect home for the dog. I still remember my kids asking me if they should donate a puppy.

While I initially hesitated with thoughts of how they had worked so hard and spent so much time taking care of their litter, they taught me a very valuable lesson and without hesitation donated the puppy.

From that one decision, Amazing Goldens was born. Children’s hospitals, veteran homes, and many other organizations started calling us. I often reflect on the destiny of this blessing in our lives and the many people we have been able to help over the years.

Reason For The Christmas Season!

As we approach yet another Christmas season, I have truly been taught once again. My kids have decided to donate one of their puppies as a service or therapy dog to help a child. Many stories have been sent our way about the journeys that many of these kids face and I can’t help but get tears in my eyes as I read their stories. As we read and learn about each of these children, our home has been filled with the true spirit of Christmas. Please spread the word and help us find the perfect home for our special puppy!

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