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English Cream Goldens. Purely Amazing.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Golden Retrievers. A dog like none other. These family-oriented, smiling wanna-be lap dogs somehow manage to worm their way into the hearts of all who take the time to get to know them. Simply put, golden retrievers are amazing.

But what, may you ask, makes goldens from “Amazing Goldens” just so amazing and different than any other golden retrievers? What makes their puppies so special?

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

To answer that question, it begins even before the puppies are born. Through careful study and research, we have learned not only about health clearances but also desirable temperaments for potential future offspring. The dogs in our breeding family have been carefully selected for the best traits to pass on to their puppies. We have imported many of our dogs from Europe with champion pedigrees and excellent dispositions. Several of our dogs have earned their championship titles. By pulling from the top-of-the-line show lines, that type of temperament is perfect for service work, therapy work and wonderful family dogs.

When deciding when to breed dogs, we take into account several different factors. We make sure our dam is at optimal weight and in prime condition. We ensure that by placing her on a special high calorie dog food that promotes growth for the puppies and supplies our dam with plenty of nutrition. We also place her on calcium and a really good probiotic!

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

On delivery day, we are there to assist our dam. We make sure that everything goes smoothly and that both the puppies and the mama remain healthy and happy. More often than not, we have found that our mama dogs give birth in the middle of the night. Rain, snow, shine or darkness, we are out there supporting and encouraging the mom. After all, this is an imperative time for the puppies and their mama. If anything doesn’t go as planned, we have immediate access to some of the best veterinary professionals in Utah to perform a C-section if necessary. As soon as these puppies poke their heads into the world, a lifetime of love begins. Constant kisses and snuggles are just the start.

From day 1, the puppies are located in a heated facility. To ensure that each and every puppy gets the proper amount of nutrition and milk, the puppies are rotated every 3-4 hours.

After being in this world just a few precious days, the puppies have their dew claws removed. While removing dew claws might sound a bit painful and even intimidating, we have found that in reality it is in the best interest for the puppy. A dog’s dew claws are located on a dog’s front legs and the dew claw specifically is one of the dog’s weaker knuckles. If not removed as a newly-born pup, these can be ripped or torn off later in life from simply playing rough or running around outside. This can be very painful for a dog and can be prone to infections.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

As these puppies grow and develop, one thing that they are never short on is copious amounts of love and affection. Every single day that the puppies are with us, we love and care for them. We take the time to handle them in a variety of positions so that they are used to people and comfortable being held and touched. While still having plenty of time to rest, life is nothing but exciting and full of adventure for these young pups. Not only are the pups naturally exposed to a variety of different sounds, we go out of our way to introduce them to new noises and various everyday experiences. We follow the 12 step puppy program. The puppies have time to socialize with the other puppies, and when they get older even with other dogs! All of these things lead to a well socialized and adjusted pup.

Several of our past puppies have been trained and used for therapy work, service animals, and even emotional support pets. As they grow, their temperaments and dispositions are perfect for learning and being trained.

As a family, we have a great love for the breed and a drive to always improve and make the breed better. We do our best to provide the best quality golden retriever possible with confirmation, health, intellect, and socialization. In short, here at “Amazing Goldens”, we realize how wonderful golden retrievers are and do our best to maximize their potential to truly make AMAZING golden retrievers.

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