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Welcome Home Puppy Love

What an amazing have anticipated for a very long time. Maybe since you were a child, maybe you are a child, or maybe an anticipation you have waited for most of you adult life! The day has finally arrived to bring home the newest member of your forever family.... The cutest most adorable ball of fluff! Your golden retriever is about to come home. You hop in the car and with great anticipation you begin the drive or maybe even the flight to a family that has raised an amazing companion that is about to join you forever.

Many questions race through your mind, how much do I feed her, how much does she sleep is just a beginning to the many questions that will arise. Lets talk today about one of the most asked questions. How much and how often do I feed my new puppy?


When it comes to feeding these little babies we recommend the first week to always have food and water available. While transitioning can be upsetting for them with all the changes they will be experiencing, keeping food and water available will help ease the transition. New home, new people and LOTS of new amazing and not so amazing smells. I recommend by favorite puppy food on our website


A decrease of appetite is perfectly normal during the transitioning period. Just like us when we have a change in environment or routine it can cause us to have a decreased appetite. A few tips to help! Try softening the kibble with water, and at last resort add a small amount of evaporated milk over the kibble. It is also helpful sometime to put a small amount of kibble in your hand and hand feed if necessary.


I firmly believe in probiotics and start them the moment food is first introduced to our puppies. Probiotics will help keep everything healthier. We have found a probiotic we love and recommend it on our website It's a very nice beef flavor and the puppies LOVE it. It is also a very good tool to entice your newest baby to eat!

Postive Reinforcement vs. Treats

Golden Retrievers LOVE people!! What better treat than a great big hug, ear rub or the very best a belly rub!! We do not recommend introducing any type of treat until your puppy has fully transitioned to their new homes.

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